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Market Trader Training

This role gives all the benefits of self-employment. You get to be your own boss, plan your working hours and career pathway. Despite this your work in the community come rain or shine and no 2 days will be the same, it takes resilience and the correct mindset and young entrepreneurs and starts up can learn a lot about running their own market business. This can form part of your decision to launch a product and test it to see how popular it becomes, can be a great way to grow you products. Being a Market Trader also mean that start-up costs are low.

Do you have a Passion?

If you have the passion for what you do an you want to turn your business into trading at a market, get in touch, by completing the training information form.

If you already a business and would like the opportunity to trade at one of our events, subscribe to our mailing list.

The training offers free advice and training targeted at people who run a home based business and want to have a sustainable market trading business.. The online training session includes; Business training, Marketing (including social media), Customer service . Plus 1-2-1 sessions covering all the modules.

Watch this space for the market showcase for participants that have committed to the full duration of the programme will get the opportunity to apply the training learned to trading at a Live market in a notable location.

Stepping up for Success

Becoming self-employed means You get to be your own boss, define your working hours and own your career development as you learn to become more sustainable and independent .Young entrepreneurs can learn a lot about running their own business by starting as a Market Trader. For example; trading at your local market lets you get an idea of what you are selling or want to sell will be popular, it also means your start up costs will be really low. Do you have a passion to make a product or start a service, then take it through process to market, makes sales and a build a client base. Whether it is an artisan or ethically sourced products we can help you Step Up for Success.

6 weeks Of Free Online Training

  • Business Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media Marketing
  • 1-2-1 Sessions
  • 100% attendance & participate in a Market Showcase

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